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ResearchWiseAI is your automated assistant that reads and summarises market research data files.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • How do I try out ResearchWiseAI?

      In this early stage, everyone needs to book a demo with us where we will set up your account.

    • Is my data used to train the AI?

      No, we do not use your data to train AI. We have a license with our AI providers that does not permit them to train their AI on our customer's data.

    • How do secure the data I upload?

      We use encryption to secure your data. We also have a strict privacy policy that you can read on our privacy page.

    • What does ResearchWiseAI cost?

      You pay by usage, the larger data files, the more credits you will use. Find out more on our pricing page.

    • What file types can I upload?

      You are able to upload a .csv file, .xlsx file, or a .xls file.

    • Can ResearchWiseAI do sentiment analysis?

      Yes, we can do sentiment analysis on your data.

    • Where is the data I upload stored?

      ResearchWiseAI's data center is in Ireland, but we also plan to add additional data centers in the future.

    • Can I export my findings?

      Yes, you can export your findings either a Word document, PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet.

    • Have you answered ESOMAR's 20 questions for AI buyers?

      Yes, we have answered ESOMAR's 20 questions for AI buyers. You can find our answers on our ESOMAR 20 questions page.

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