Every analysis is unique

As data files can vary substantially in size and complexity, we use credits to price each analysis and all related services.

Faster insights

Initial analysis

Our initial analysis of the data file you provide is costed by data type and quantity.

Data typePricing
Text$0.03 per 100 tokens
List$0.03 per 1000 cells
Date$0.03 per 1000 cells
Numeric$0.03 per 1000 cells
Boolean$0.03 per 1000 cells
Unique IdentifierFree

The initial analysis is all that is needed for the vast majority of projects. This includes reading in all data selected and generating an initial summary report. We can analyse both closesd and open questions. Closed questions are much cheaper to analyse than open questions.

Thinking AI

What are tokens?

As we adopt the modern era of AI-powered tools, we will get increasingly used to the idea of "tokens". Tokens represent a chunk of text, which can be as short as a single character or as long as word. When working with languages other than English, tokens can represent even more.

For example, the term "artificial intelligence" is three tokens, while the term "AI" is one token. If you have a large amount of text, you can estimate the number of tokens by multipling the word count by 1.3.

4 words, 5 tokens
5 words, 5 tokens
5 words, 6 tokens

Get an estimate


If you already have a data file and want to get an estimate of the cost of an analysis, you can use our calculator. Just upload a file and we will give you an estimate of the credits required to analyse it.

When using our calculator, your data file never leaves your computer. We do an analysis of the file structure, counting the cells and tokens as well as determining the data types. This metadata is then anonymously sent to our server to get a cost estimate.

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Pay as you go is perfect for the occasional user.

  • Unlimited projects
  • 10 users
  • Short report export
  • Presentation export
  • Buy 2,500 credits for $25



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Everything in PAYG, plus essential tools for a thriving business.

  • Everything in PAYG
  • Unlimited users
  • 30,000 credits included per month
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  • SSO/SAML integration



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Everything in Business, plus great compliance tools.

  • Everything in Business
  • 60,000 credits included per month
  • Choice of data storage location
  • Audit logging